Ergoform celebrates

As a company, Ergoform strives to be the industry leader in premium office furniture design and manufacturing, while changing people’s lives. We achieve this by designing office furniture to improve not only the workplace environment as a whole, but also improve the productivity and overall happiness of the employees who work there.
Happy and healthy workplace environments are also vital to the optimisation of workplace performance, attraction of new talent and retention of existing talent.

As an essential part of the business day-to-day, image and environment, Office furniture and office interior design, over the years has become an essential part of what organisations have to rely on, to optimize employee performance. Employee morale and the ability of organizations to attract and retain the best talent differentiates good organizations from others.

Over time, with new generations of employees, with changing socio-dynamic needs and behaviors, organisations need to adapt. Office furniture design needs to empower organisations by providing furniture solutions that move with and possibly anticipate change.

An integral component of office furniture design is the interaction with computers, presentation media, and other office technologies. The field of hardware technology and its rapid changes need to be integrated with office furniture design. If our client’s employees feel comfortable at work as if at home, then we have achieved our desired result.

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Ergoform is BBBEE and ISO certified