Sound Pocket

In open plan offices, workspaces & training areas, staff are often in situations where they are close to each other, performing incompatible tasks. The solution; Ergoform’s Sound Pocket Mobile Acoustic Wall.

white board front
whiteboard side
whiteboard wheels

Sound Pockets are fitted with a whiteboard, adding practical functionality to this clever space divider. A second whiteboard can be added to the back for additional writing space.

Acoustically effective and aesthetically designed, these individual acoustic mobile walls blend harmoniously together. Sound Pockets help absorb sound whilst dividing space in a creative and exciting way.

whiteboard diagram
Ergoform Sound Pocket divider render in yellow, red and orange

Models available:

Sound Pocket 9
Sound Pocket 12
Sound Pocket 16
Sound Pocket C

Choose from a variety of colours and options, including single or double whiteboards.


Sound Pocket dimensions