Solitude Focus Work Bay

The Solitude range helps organisations realise the need for new, more diverse and relaxing work spaces. They can act as a quiet little room on four legs that lets you have some privacy or a peaceful moment to yourself.

The Solitude Focus is a haven in a busy and chaotic work environment – a space that lets you ‘hide-away’ for a while getting things done.

An offshoot of the popular Solitude High Back range, the Solitude Focus work bay is an ultra comfortable large shell sofa which is designed to close comfortably around you when you sit in it, and is fitted with an flip-top table.


The work bay has an hidden, but easily accessable storage cavity with optional hidden power dock, which allows for uninterrupted work. Adding to this is the Solitude’s adjoining wings which provide an enclosed visual and acoustic seating refuge for those wanting a cosy workspace.

sound diagram
Ergoform Solitude Focus dimensions

Dimensions and variables:

The Solitude work bay is fully upholstered with a cushion and is available in a variety of colours and fabrics to suit your preferance.

The flip-top is finished in white laminate and the legs are sculpted solid oak, with a monocoat colour white and a clear dead matt finish. An optional extra is the power dock inside the hidden cavity.

Dimensions: the Solitude Focus single seater (as pictured) has a width of 1260 mm, a depth of 800 mm and a height of 1060 mm.

Ergoform Solitude Focus chair with laptop table
Ergoform Solitude Focus chair with laptop table and hidden power