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The E-motion is a sit-stand desk that allows the user to alternate their position from sitting to standing while working.

Conclusive studies have shown that alternating between standing and sitting has a positive effect on people’s health and improves production, morale and efficiency. Due to their versatility, sit-stand desks are also ideal for providing hot-desking solutions.

E-Motion adjustable sit-stand workstations accommodate everybody; including people suffering from cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal problems.

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Here’s how you can use E-Motion:

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Dimentions and Specifications:

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The E-Motion desk features the latest technology an integrated electrical power solution and a silent motor. It offers a varied height adjustment range and with smooth elevation and lowering with the push of a button. The integrated keypad with LED display screen lets the user select the required height.

This sit-stand desk is designed in an H-shape that forms the table legs and removes the need for additional supportive feet. It provides more space and further mobility. The sit-stand desk can also be fitted with acoustic screens that offers noise reduction and privacy.

Standard dimensions:

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Standard frame finishes for E-Motion and Wall-E:

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Standard top finishes for E-Motion and Wall-E:

table top colours

(all tops 32mm thickness)

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