Versatile writing board/acoustic privacy screen

Inspired by Swedish design, the Scribbly Mobile Writing Board is minimalistic, simplistic, and functional.


Quiet can be hard to find, yet the Scribbly mutes the noise for enhanced focus time and more private meetings.


Combining sound diffusing acoustic panels with a durable writing surface for a multipurpose collaborative accessory on wheels. The Scribbly is so versatile; it can be a writing board only or an acoustic panel only or both a writing board and an acoustic panel.


Create separate spaces between employees, place multiple dry erase boards together for larger brainstorming sessions, relocate for impromptu collaboration or effortlessly store it out of the way to save on space.


The Scribbly blends seamlessly into any space to complement the Ergoform range.


Scribbly 9

900mm(W) x 1800mm(H) x 500mm(D)

Options available:


Back sprayed glass writing board

Leather handle

Various fabrics and colours to choose from

Custom colour coded legs