Our Factory
As a company, Ergoform provides our clients with the latest, trendiest, most practical and adaptable office furniture solutions, proudly manufactured in South Africa.
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Our Factory

It may be our quarter-century of industry-leading experience… It may also be our expert furniture makers, our devoted sales team or our premier support staff – all of whom are very passionate about their work. Then again, it could be that every component entering our factory will undergo a Cinderella-like change and become something truly unique. Take a look:

We are a design-oriented and forward-thinking company that doesn’t see product design in isolation – we see it as a part of our business systems and how we grow our business. But this system of growth doesn’t have an end. It is a continuous process of improvement and in the fast lane that is Small and Medium Enterprise growth, it doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re continuously improving.


Our excellent leadership in the business has also enabled us to have the time and scope to anticipate trends and have a flexible development process that allows us to come to market with new product lines as the trend hits.


Through our processes our design and production are world class and we achieve this with people who make it a success regardless of where their lives began.