About Us
Ergoform is a key player in the office furniture industry - producing high-end desks, soft seating, chairs and overall solutions for any office environment.
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About Ergoform

While we work hard to make office furniture of industry-leading quality and design, we also make every effort to truly enjoy what we do. And we think because of this, there is something special about Ergoform.


Yes, as a company Ergoform is different. Why, you ask? It might have to do with the incredible people who make our furniture by hand, the excellent support staff who ensure everything runs smoothly or out top-notch sales team who guide our clients through the entire process.

Regardless, here’s a closer look at how our furniture stacks up against the rest:

Over our 26 years, Ergoform has proven our strength through awards, dynamic market adaptability and industry-pioneering productivity improvement.

Established in May 1994, the company set out to become a key player in the office furniture industry. We have more than achieved this goal through our adaptability, solid foundations and helpful attitude. As a company we provide our clients with the latest, trendiest, most practical and adaptable office furniture solutions, through up-to-date technology and world-class knowledge.


Furthermore, Ergoform strives to make every effort to make green products and implement every possible solution to reduce our product and manufacturing footprint. Greener manufacturing has proven to be crucial to future business success and an irreplaceable part of our core business ethics.